War On Terror : But ISD’s Social Media Presence Is Weak


By: B Goode

It is inevitable, isn’t it?

It is only a matter of time before Singapore is hit by a terror act. It is not about Singapore being bombed because let’s be honest; it would not be easy to smuggle in explosives into Singapore considering the chronic jam at the Causeway and Tuaslink which would turn off even hardened terrorists.

Terrorist : “Hello Boss. I quit. This jam is killing me.”

Boss : “But that is what you are supposed to do. To kill yourself!”

Terrorist : “But getting stuck and dying in a traffic jam is not part of the deal.”

*puts down phone

It is those lonewolf attacks that we should be worried about.

Our security forces especially the ever secretive ISD officers are working very hard around the clock, that is if a clock only has 8 hours (kidding!), to counter this threat. Quite a number of people have so far been arrested and put behind bars.

The latest being an ISIS agitator who was arrested for promoting violence and radicalising others into being extremists.

So kudos to them.

I do not know how many ISD officers there are because they are not supposed to tell although I suspect my neighbour is one. But in a war against terror, the government needs all the help it can muster. And the best help is from the general population itself. We can be the ears and eyes of the government and in this internet age, the eyeballs.

But the problem is that, trying to report a suspicious comment or website or page is very cumbersome. The only way to report directly to ISD is via the hotline or writing an email. The last thing I want to do is to talk to an ISD officer because he may just turn out to be my neighbour or someone I know.

Me : “Hello. Is this ISD?”

ISD : “Oh my God! Bee? Is That you?!”

*puts down phone

Alternatively, we could report via the MHA or the Police websites. But MHA and the Police have other things to worry about. And knowing Singaporeans, those two organisations could be inundated with complaints about dead cats so much so that complaints about suspicious internet activities on extremist radicalisation might go unnoticed.

What is needed therefore is for ISD to have a presence in the interweb. They have no choice but to be a social media player. Eaves-dropping on other people’s conversation in the coffee-shops is no longer enough.

They can start off with an official facebook page. With a facebook page, the ISD can then disseminate important information and advisories.

But most importantly, it makes submission of information about terror activities so much easier. All we need to do is click the link or forward button without the need to make a phone call or writing an email.

You are welcome!

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