Three Best Eating Places That May Cause SPCA A Heart Attack


By: B Goode

The Singapore Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) have advised the public not to buy the rabbit fur key-chains because…wait for it….wait for it….wait for it….they are made from real rabbit fur. Duh!

Fortunately however, the SPCA have left lovers of Prada leather shoes, Louis Vuitton leather bags, Lanvin leather belts, Dolce and Gabbana silk dresses, Birkin bags, well you got my drift, to continue to enjoy the products made from similarly killed and skinned animals.

I don’t know why the prejudice. Perhaps because the rabbit fur key chains are being sold in pushcarts and neighbourhood shops and are meant for plebs whilst the luxury items are for the bourgeoisies.

Or maybe because rabbits are cute whilst crocodiles and cows are not.

In that vein, I hereby list the three best eating places in Singapore that may cause members of the SPCA and other blinkered animal lovers a heart attack.

  1. Rabbit Stew


Ristorante Da Valentino

200 Turf Club Road

The Grandstand #01-19

Made from the freshest rabbits, yes the same type of rabbits kept by you as pets, and slow cooked with mushrooms, butter, stock and roasted garlic, it is “as wonderful as that first crisp day, when leaves are falling, schools are back in session, and football is on the TV.” The meat is tender and not gamey. Cuddly has never been this delicious!

  1. Turtle Soup


Very Lucky Turtle Soup Stall

#02-38/49, Berseh Food Centre

As the name suggests, you will be very lucky to find a seat during lunch hours. Made from freshly shelled and finely sliced (most probably with a heavy chopper) green turtle meat. Boiled in an assortment of herbs, the soup is best served hot and eaten whilst admiring the live turtles still swimming languidly in the tanks at the stall. The meat is tender, tastes like chicken and you will never know that you are actually eating the inspiration for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Who would ever think that such adorable creatures could leave you screaming with gastronomic delight? Or in the case of SPCA, just screaming.

  1. Frog legs


Jurong Frog Farm

56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6

Ever wondered why Miss Piggy looked at Kermit the Frog with lustful hunger? Because of his legs. Frog legs to be precise. Here at Jurong Frog Farm, you can go on a pre-meal tour of the farm, learning about the frog life cycle, listening to the croaking of the frogs and you can even pet them, whilst the chefs in the kitchen butchered gently cut the fat meaty legs off the traumatized frogs. The fried frog legs are a taste to behold. Crispy and without a hint of what you are actually eating, it leaves a tinge of no regret in your mouth. Kermit the frog will never look the same again!

You are welcome!


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1 Response to Three Best Eating Places That May Cause SPCA A Heart Attack

  1. george says:

    Hey, you forgot to mention the most sought after meat of all. A certain place in China ever host an annual event for you to try it!

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