Joseph Isaac Schooling The Olympic Champion!


By: B Goode

I ran out of goosebumps that I might need to run to Tekka market to look for some geese.

Joseph Isaac Schooling has just won Singapore’s first ever Olympic Gold Medal!!!!


And I just ran out of exclamation marks.

Let’s not turn this into a political statement. Let us just cheer, cry, laugh, dance, fly, meditate, do whatever we do best to celebrate this historic occasion; a human achievement. Let us dedicate today to Joseph Isaac Schooling.

Joseph Isaac Schooling; the epitome of the human spirit, endeavour, enterprise and I just ran out of platitudes.

If ever you needed an excuse to do something crazy today, do it for Joseph Isaac Schooling. Get drunk, fornicate, buy a car, max out the credit card, run naked, wallop the kambing soup, get lost in the moment.

Because years from now, someone somewhere might ask you this question:

‘What were you doing on the day Joseph Schooling won the Olympic Gold medal?’

Would you want to say that you were catching Pokemons?

Me? I was in my swimming trunk in a bathtub with a woman I called Josephine who came dressed as a school headmistress.

Don’t judge. I will celebrate today however way I like. Because today I want to be Joseph Isaac Schooling.

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