Racism, Racialism And A Preference For Chicken


By: B Goode

Let’s start off with a joke (thanks Jenny!) that is so bad it is actually good. And it ties in nicely with this article.

During the NDR, PM Lee had actually wanted to announce Tharman as his successor. But just before he did that, he saw an image flashing in front of him.




And he fainted.

Anyway joke aside, I wish PM Lee good health. Always.

It was LKY who once said that Singapore wasn’t ready for an Indian PM. And judging from what was said by PM Lee at the NDR, Singapore is still not ready.

A few days before the event, the government mouthpiece, The Straits Times published a survey conducted by IPS on racism in Singapore. The conclusion they made was that there was a degree of mild racism amongst Singaporeans.

The thing about surveys is that though they can be conducted in a very scientific manner, the conclusion is always opened to subjective interpretation.

If say 69% of Singaporeans love chicken, does that mean that the majority hate ducks?

Similarly if the majority of Singaporeans prefer to have their own race as the President or the PM, does that mean that they will not accept person of a different race?

It is hard to say but there is a difference between racism, racialism and mere preference. But in this age of special snowflakes and where people are sensitive and have an opinion about anything under the sun, racism seems to have evolved into something bigger than it what actually entails.

Take this picture for example:

Ellen DeGeneres responded to critics who called this meme she shared racist.

I see it as Ellen just being Ellen but some people see it as Ellen being racist.

Racism in its original incarnation involves something more than mere preference for one’s own race or racialism. It involves hatred and in its extreme form, violence.

Thankfully in Singapore we don’t have the prevalence of that, yet. At the very most we have racialism. Just take a look at your NRIC. There is a column on race. The day when that becomes unnecessary is the day when we can truly say that race is no longer an issue in Singapore.

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