Amos Yee : The Forgotten Footnote

amos yee

By: B Goode

Is anyone interested to know about Amos Yee?


Guessed as much.

If not because of my newsfeed being filled with nothing but Schooling (gratz!) or former President Nathan (RIP), I too will not be bothered about Amos Yee. But life compels you to balance things up; happy (Schooling’s gold medal) + sad (Mr Nathan’s death) + zonk (Amos Yee’s theatrics).

So let me force some zonkiness into your life so that you guys will not suffer from bipolar.

In case you don’t already know, Amos Yee is now in court to answer 8 charges against him for doing some girlish childish stupid stuff. The zonk part is that, nobody bothers. There are no banana eating protesters outside the court, no groupies, no one to slap him, and if I am not mistaken, no lawyers even.

The only thing people are interested in is his luscious long hair. Girl! Your hair smells terrific!


And therein lies the problem. Or rather his problem. When Amos Yee was first thrusted into the limelight with his anti-Christianity tirade, some people saw him as the saviour of Singapore’s stifling and sterile socio-political landscape. Overnight, he became the new darling of anti-establishment and opposition politicians, dethroning Roy Ngerng, Han Hui Hui and the return-our-CPF clowns.

I am sure people like Goh Meng Seng is now quietly wishing that the picture of him eating a banana and of him protesting in Hong Kong can be wiped off from Singaporean’s psyche. Sorry bro. Nothing gets deleted from the internet. Once a stupid, will always be a stupid. *Law of the internet 101.

But a few of us believed that Amos Yee was just an internet meme. Something or someone that trended for a few weeks at most and then once his 15 minutes of fame was up, he’d eventually become just a footnote. Not the historical kind, mind you. Just the scrapbook kind.

And we have been proven right. Amos Yee is now just a footnote for ridicule. And he realises that. That’s why he tries very hard to up the ante by performing more and more outrageous stunts. But…

Girl! It’s getting stale! zzzzzzzz

And that’s the thing about the internet. Internet personalities or memes don’t usually last very long because the internet is like a vast ocean with billions of fish. You have to be a really special fish to get people like me to be bothered about you. And even then, sooner rather than later, a new special kind of fish will emerge and our attention with shift towards….OMG! I JUST SAW POKEMON VAPOREON!!

But a real personality with real achievement such as Schooling or Nathan will not be a mere footnote of history, but will always be the headline and the highlight of the country.


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