Elected Presidency : Say Buh-Bye To The Unqualified Doctor


By: B Goode

When (not if) the proposed changes to the elected presidency are made into Law, the one casualty will be Dr Tan Cheng Bock. But he had no one to blame but himself because he decided to cross the road when the traffic light was red.

Last year when the government announced that they would be forming a committee to look into changing the criteria for the elected Presidency, instead of waiting like he should have, Tan Cheng Bok decided to hurriedly herald his intention to contest the upcoming election. Instead of waiting patiently for the green light, Tan Cheng Bock decided to cross the road thinking that his popularity alone would make him invincible to the oncoming traffic. But unfortunately the traffic saw him `no up’ and the result was Tan Cheng Bock sprawled face- down on the tarmac.

In the next coming days and weeks, be prepared for an onslaught of condemnation, acidic comments and conspiracy theories spouting from his camp, sympathizers and admirers. But mostly from the usual anti-PAP crowd who will surely make Tan Cheng Bock their new mascot to attack the government. Well that is the only thing they are good at. Whack-a-mole.

But to the conspiracy theorists, I have a comment to make.

If I was the government who had something to hide, I would be more afraid to have someone who was qualified according to the proposed changes to be the President than Tan Cheng Bock. Because at the end of the day, Tan Cheng Bock, although being a good doctor that he is, is seen by many as a good candidate for the Presidency based solely on his popularity as a maverick former PAP politician who dared to speak out against his master. Not on his ability to scrutinize the government budget.

If say I was the Chairman of a town council out to embezzle the TC’s fund, would I want a good, recognised, qualified accountant to oversee my budget? Nope. I’d get a half-past six one who was more comfortable to still using the abacus.

So the fact that the government is looking to have someone who is not only qualified but over-qualified to hold the key to the nation’s reserves shows that the present government is truly and understandably paranoid about having someone who is not qualified but popular to oversee government’s budget. Someone like…..Miley Cyrus.

I too would be afraid.

So Tan Cheng Bok can say good bye to his ambition to be the President of Singapore. His fascination with Singapore’s highest office will surely ends here.

He is a good man. He is a popular man but unfortunately he is simply not qualified.

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