Betting On Singaporeans Being Morons


By: B Goode

At times it is hard to like the government especially when they are being deceitful less than open when trying to sugarcoat bad policies thinking that Singaporeans are morons.

Take online gambling for example. Two years ago when online gambling was banned, the government said that it was because gambling was bad and that online gambling provided easy access to people that might cause them to be addicted.

A lot of us said : “Yeah right! Tell that to the marines, they might believe you.”

What was so bad about gambling and what easy access were they blabbing about when we could easily place a bet at 4-D outlets in family supermarkets like NTUC?

We must be morons to believe that.

Everyone and their grandmothers knew that it was to plug the potential loss of revenue for the government-controlled Singapore Pools and of course in taxes.

And now, either thinking that Singaporeans are forgetful or that we are morons, most probably the latter, the government made a U-Turn and said that online gambling is not all that bad. `Managed’ online gambling is good they say, because it will prevent them from going underground.

How an `online’ thing can go underground is beyond me because like many of us, I am stupid like that. But that’s why we have the Police and Dr Yaacob Ibrahim because you know, they are supposed to be smart.

Everyone and their grandmothers, grandfathers, cats, dogs and their long lost relatives know the real reason for the U-Turn. The government wants a slice of the online gambling revenue.

And after getting a rollicking, the government now say that they will make it difficult and cumbersome for people to register to prevent gambling addicts from getting easy access. You know who will go through all the trouble to get their gambling fix? That’s right. Addicts!

Casual gamblers like me will not be bothered to fill up forms and personally register just to place a $2 big on 2911 (Huat ahhh!!)

This government is not averse to throw their moral compass out of the window for the sake of revenue. Take cigarettes for example. They have practically classified cigarettes as poisons and yet allowed them to be sold. Like, seriously?

I am not saying that the government should not find ways and means to increase their revenue. But at least be open about it and don’t treat Singaporeans like morons.

Why don’t they just say that the reason for allowing `managed’ online gambling is because since Singaporeans are avid punters, might as well allow some form of online gambling to support our `charitable’ Singapore Pools rather than the money going into the pockets of some online bookies hiding somewhere in geylang (that’s what I think when they mentioned underground) who the Police with their gadgets are inexplicably unable to detect.

Just don’t try to use some moral reasons to justify something that is immoral in the first place. Not me say one hor..

Jesus, Mohamad, Buddha, Kuan Im, Guru Nanak, Sai Baba and everyone else whose photo you might see displayed in someone’s home said that gambling is bad. Allowing `managed’ online gambling in order to prevent gambling is not only an oxymoron, but will not make you go to heaven.

And please. Don’t treat us like morons.

We are not morans.

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