Dr Adrian Tan Should Just Give Up With His Reputation Still Intact


By: B Goode aka Brad Pitt

Now that the amendments to the Elected Presidency aka `the bill to stop somebody (lol!) from becoming the president’ has been tabled in parliament, Dr Tan Cheng Bock aka Dr Adrian Tan should just end his ambition aka obsession with becoming the President.

According to the new amendments which will surely be passed into law, Dr Tan is deemed unsuitable aka unfit to hold the key to the highest office in the land. Period.

So now he is left with three choices to make:

  1. To continue fighting a lost cause
  2. To continue fighting in what he believes in via other channels
  3. To walk gracefully into the sunset

Option (1) will be a waste of time and will give the impression that Dr Tan is desperate for the job. The battle is already lost. The door is closed. The story has ended. The longer he remains petulant, the more damage he will do to his reputation. Sympathy will turn to pity. Pity will turn to bleh, and then bleh will turn to `omg! This old man again!’

Option (2) will actually be a good proposition. If Dr Tan truly believed that the government needed someone or something to keep it in-checked, then he should channel his energy and conviction into other ways and means to do that. Perhaps by supporting other candidate. Or creating an NGO or pressure group to keep an eye on things. Or even forming his own political party and bring the fight to Parliament. After all, the Presidency is not and should not be the only way to check the government.

But then again, one has the feeling that Dr Tan only has an eye for the Presidency, and only for himself.

Personally, I’d prefer for Dr Tan to take the third option. Just quietly admit defeat and walk into the sunset with a swagger, rather than forever be known as Dr Desperado Tan.

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