Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!


By: B Goode

Josephine Teo talking about sex is like two slugs mating.


We all knew what she was trying to say; that having a house is not a pre-requisite to having babies. Sex is.

And here all along I thought babies came from storks. Mom! We need to talk!

Anyway, she would not have been Singapore’s own Mrs Umbridge, the headmistress of Hogwarts if she had just stopped there. In fact, judging from her previous attempts at stimulating Singaporeans to reproduce, she should have just stopped talking entirely. If Khaw Boon Wan is Mister Gaffe, Josephine Teo is his soulmate.

To say that you don’t need a big space to have sex is true to a certain extent. That is, if you are happy to just be doing the missionary. Booooringggg….

Maybe she’s happy with that. But many couples are more adventurous when it comes to sex. Sort of `fifty shades of grey’ adventurous. Or they may want to try all the positions listed in the Karmasutra; all around the house; on the dining table, over the washing machine and kitchen sink, in the storeroom. Anywhere and anyhow but hanging in a strap from the ceiling fan. Just don’t.

For some couples, having the space to run around naked is a pre-requisite to having sex.

She should watch porn. Like, seriously.

What I am trying to say is that Josephine Teo’s view about Singaporeans’ procreation is as simplistic as her view on sex. And the fact that she is the Senior Minister in-charge of population is utterly un-titillating.

The reason for some young couples not wanting to have children before having a house is because they see having a house as a pre-requisite to raising a family. They want to have the foundation and the right condition in place before bringing a child or two into this world. They may think that if they cannot afford to buy a house, they may not afford to raise a family. It is called family planning and it involves more than just telling Singaporeans where to have sex.

So instead of teaching Singaporeans about the birds and the bees, she should instead tackle the issue about the availability of affordable housing for young couples.

In fact, raising a family is like having sex. If the right condition is not there, you just cannot get it up.

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