US Presidential Elections: Between A Docile Cow And A Raging Bull


By: B Goode aka Captain Obvious

It is all over isn’t it? Unless Hillary Clinton screws up big time, or her husband Bill screws another woman, she will become the first woman POTUS in history.

It is not because she is popular. It is just that she is less despicable than her opponent Donald Trump. In fact this election will go down in history as a battle between the devil and the deep blue sea. You might be afraid of the unknown dangers in the depth of the sea, but you definitely know that the devil is bad.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he has burnt too many bridges that he is now desperately clinging to the leaking raft in the middle of Lake Michigan. Everyone except for the angry white males despised him. Some groups are even fearful of him. Therefore Hillary Clinton, despite her smugness, Benghazi, scandals and suspect political connections, is seen as the more acceptable candidate. She can be tolerated for at least 4 years.

Trump’s strength and also weakness is his brashness. The angry white males, those who are sick and tired of years of government’s pandering to the liberal left, love his gun-slinging, Clint Eastwoodish, take no prisoners attitude. But it is this brashness too that has alienated arguably the most powerful block in American politics; the elites.

The elites, consisting of powerful political and financial families, the media barons, church leaders, those who control the entertainment industry; those who will enormous political clout and influence, and who silently stalk the corridors of power in Washington see Donald Trump as a runaway bull on steroids. They find Trump to be too unpredictable and thus will be difficult to control and manage.

If you have a choice between a docile cow and a fighting bull, which one will you prefer to put a nose-ring on?

And thus in a way, Donald Trump is correct to say that he is now a victim of a concerted campaign to discredit him. But then again, if you have a runaway mouth, it is not a difficult thing to do.

So in the words of Porky Pig: Yibbiddy Yibbiddy That’s All Folks!

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