AHTC Saga : Release The Kraken!


By: B Goode

This soap opera that has been hogging local politics for years (Yes years!) must stop now.

It is now looking more like two girls arguing about who is more virginal. Girls! You are both annoying af and definitely not virgins as far as politics are concerned. Show me a virgin politician and I’ll show you a picture of Kim Kardashian untouched by photoshop.

The latest in the Aljuneid Hougang Town Council (AHTC) drama is now in the realm of pedantry. The PAP government is alluding to improper bookkeeping whilst Workers Party chief Low Thia Khiang has asked for the definition of the word `proper’.

Before this squabble degenerates into a mud-wrestling match between Josephine Teo and Sylvia Lim (ewwwww!) I think it is time for this matter to be decided by the Police.

But a Police report must first be lodged and it must be lodged by an aggrieved person. Since the government is reluctant to do it, there is fortunately another way.

Any resident of AHTC can lodge a Police report because it involves their money. Let the Police investigate and decide whether a criminal proceeding is warranted. And then, let the legal process takes its course.

Whatever it is, this issue must be put to bed once and for all. It is making a mockery of our legal and political systems.

Most importantly, I for one do not want to see Josephine Teo and Sylvia Lim slugging it out in a wet bikini.

Now where did I put that bleach?

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