Trump’s Triumph : The Conservative Backlash



By: B Goode

Took me three days to recover from my depression caused by Trump winning the US Elections. Losing a $50 dollar bet to a swanky friend was enough to trigger me into the depths of melancholy.

Many others were just stumped and shocked. How could a bully, womanizer, bigot, chauvinist etc be elected as the most powerful man on earth, they asked. In fact, just pick a good word, find its antonym and you will have a description for Trump.

The answer is in what Trump represents. Trump is a republican and thus a conservative; a businessman turned politician who has expressed his right leaning agenda vociferously, forcefully and most importantly loudly from on-top of the highest macho mountain. A lot of us thought that he was an idiot, and still does and is; a caricature that could only be envisioned in an episode of South Park.  And we discounted his supporters like what Hillary has described as a basket of deplorables.

Well what do we know…..this basket of deplorables is actually into something.

And that something is the wave of anti-liberal backlash that is sweeping the globe; from the Philippines, to India, to Africa, to Europe, UK, Brazil, and now to the USA. Simply put, they are tired of the whiny and bitchy liberals; the Social Justice Warriors, the environmentalists, the socialists, the animal lovers, the naturalists, the LGBTs, the feminists, the globalisation apologists, the human rights groups, those keyboard warriors who spend all their free time stalking the internet to complain and condemn anyone who dared to call a blind man, blind.

The group of people who have been hogging the interweb for years with their holier-than-thou attitude is now faced with the angry reactions from people fed-up with the liberals’ incessant tantrums, and it showed.

In short, they want the government to govern again and to stop pandering to the basket of stoners. They want America to be returned to Americans, first. They want the reinstatement of American values and not the nebulous idealistic virtues that seemed to be plucked from the minds of those high on hallucinogenic drugs.

They want to put a stop to the dictatorship of the mind-benders.

As a conservative who goes to work still dressed like the American pilgrims, I am happy with this pleasant turn of events. The sooner the government realise that people like me still exist, the better because Singapore will without exception, be swept away by this conservative tsunami.

I want to see the government, govern again. I want to see the Minsters work again and not busy taking selfies and wearing sarees. I want to see criminals put behind bars. I want to see school bullies disciplined and not merely counselled. I want to see teachers not afraid to dish out punishment. I want to see murderers and drug traffickers hanged. I want to see child-abusers castrated. I want to see our legal system acting as the defenders of the laws and not acting like social workers. I want jobs given to Singaporeans, first. I want Singaporean workers’ welfare be given priority over that of the migrant workers’. I want our parks and recreational areas safe for family outings and not hogged by migrant workers drinking openly. I want to see MPs elevated back to lawmakers and not estate managers. I want to see companies involved in shoddy works banned and blacklisted. I want to see pigeons, mynahs, feral cats and dogs culled.

I want Lee Kuan Yew resurrected again.

I know that I will be getting a lot of flak. But hey liberals! Guess what?

You lost!

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