Workers Party (WP) Bernard Chen Jiaxi : You OK Bro?


By: B Goode

Something disturbing dropped in my email over the weekend. No its not porny stuff. That would be considered as normal and expected. I mean, what’s so disturbing about animal sex?

Someone wrote to me about WP member Bernard Chen Jiaxi. Bernard who? I was scratching my head too.

Google told me that he stood for election on WP ticket in Macpherson. And lost. Presently he works as Legislative Assistant at Office of Muhamad Faisal bin Abdul Manap, Aljuneid MP.

Google also told me that he is a smart chap. Oxford graduate wor….

But the guy who wrote to me alleged that Bernard Chen is also a thief. He wrote that his grandmother who knew an uncle whose grandson’s ex-girlfriend’s adopted father twice removed (something to that effect) told him that Bernard Chen has been misappropriating WP party fund. In short, it is something that should be considered as rumour. Something that my email should have diverted into the junk bin.

But the fact that the guy took the time to write to me also meant that God knows who else he could have written to.

What I am saying is that, this could just be unsubstantiated rumour but the WP should look into this allegation or they’d end up with another bomb to diffuse.

Personally I find it hard to believe that someone as adorable and as smart as Bernard Chen would want to get his hands dirty by dipping into party fund. But then again, if everyone is honest, there is no need for heaven and hell.

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