AWARE : Time For REAL Women To Be Represented By A REAL Women Organisation


By: B Goode (who is an attack helicopter trapped in a man’s body)

If you were to go to the Institute Of Mental Health (IMH) and if you were to tell the psychiatrist that you identify yourself neither as a man or woman, chances were, you’d be certified insane and be given a dose of medicine that would make you so dumb and so numb that you’d spend your time lying in your bed thinking about the meaning of life.

And if you saw someone like this walking along Orchard Road….


…..chances are, he, she or it is a member of AWARE (Association of Women For Action And Research)

For fear of offending the liberals and Hillary supporters, I am not going to call these people insane or crazy or screwloose or mentally-fucked. For once I will be politically correct and call them mentally-challenged.

For starters, I have got nothing against the mentally-challenged. All my friends are retarded.

AWARE has just announced that people who are non-binary i.e people who could not make up their minds whether to be a man or woman, not only could be members of AWARE, but could also vote in their meetings.

What it means is that AWARE has regressed from being an organisation helmed by real women who understood real women issues to an organisation filled with feminists, lesbians, bapoks and now people who think that they are kangkong, kailan or even belachan. Personally I would love to see a transvestite kangkong….

Sorry Hillary supporters. I couldn’t help it.

In short, AWARE is no longer an organisation for real women. It is now a congregation of weirdos people who do not manifest womanly traits, whatever that may be. But a non-binary person who identify itself as a kangkong is definitely not a woman.

How could an organisation that is so out of touch with reality be representative of women in Singapore? How could they be sympathetic towards women issues?

Imagine this scenario of a battered wife (BW) calling AWARE for help:

BW : Hello. My name is Amber Hurt. I have been assaulted by my husband,

AWARE: Hi Amber! First thing first. Are you a man or a woman?

BW: I am a woman.

AWARE: I know you are woman. I could tell from your voice unless you are David Beckham. But do you identify yourself as a man or a woman?

BW: I identify myself as a woman. Anyway my husband, that son of a bitch….

AWARE: Hold on. So you are saying that your husband is a dog? What kind of a dog is he? A Pomeranian or Husky?

BW: *puts down phone.

So we need another organisation to represent women in Singapore.

And AWARE should just change its name to something else to better reflect whatever fucked-up agendas they are pursuing now.

May I suggest BEWARE.

Like, BEWARE!. We have members who identify themselves as guard dogs….

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