Amos Yee : All The Best To The Petulant Manchild


By: B Goode

Without being cynical, I sincerely wish Amos Yee every success in his endeavour to lead a new life in the US as a refugee. If I could write a referral letter for him I would but I have no idea who is in-charge of the US now.

Love him or loathe him, he has decided to find a safe space for himself in the land of the free and I for one would like to wish him well. He needs every luck bit of luck and a lot of hard work.

Amos Yee is Amos Yee because of Singapore. We are such a small and an anal-retentive country that people like him who live on the edge and on the periphery of the mainstream can gain fame and notoriety quick.

The US though, is a different kettle of fish. Ironically, the same space and freedom that he sought would drown him in anonymity.

There are thousands of Amos Yees in the US. Those who are anti-establishment, bigots, racists, internet trolls and those who seek their 5 minutes of fame litter the streets of every big city in the US, and stalk and hog the social media hoping to be heard and made famous. Most of them end up as hobos and dependent on government handouts.

If Amos Yee is hoping to get a free ride in the US being what he is now, I am afraid he will be utterly disappointed. Because let’s be honest, as far as the Americans are concerned, Amos Yee is a nobody. Uneducated, talentless and with an unremarkable face, he will find it hard to etch a decent living in the US unless he turns his life around, something that his fellow Singaporeans have been edging him to.

And as a fellow Singaporean, I wish him all the best. I hope he will grow up because the city streets in the US is not the place for a manchild.

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