Sleeping With The Enemy – Communist China Vs The Free World


By – B Goode

Someone needs to tell Trump that China is a communist state, lest he forgets like Obama does.

While he’s at it, tell him to remind the other leaders of the free world that China is still ruled by the communist doctrine which among other things include world domination.

Remind them also of the many wars fought in the name of freedom. And the thousands upon thousands perhaps millions of lives and limbs lost because they were told of the threat to freewill, freedom, democracy and humanity that communism posed.

And yet here we are, sleeping with the enemy. It is an act of grand betrayal to the millions of souls lying in the cemeteries and battlefields all over the world. Had they known that future generations would embrace a communist state with open arms and undo all those premise that they had sacrificed their lives for, would they have gone to war?

It all started when the late Deng Xiaoping, China’s paramount leader, came out with a brilliant idea to combat what he termed as imperialist capitalism. After years of wars and antagonism towards the free world had failed, he decided to hit them at their weakest spot; capitalist greed.

“It doesn’t matter the colour of the cat as long as it catches the mouse”, he famously said.

Back then and even now, we all thought that he meant for China to move away from state-controlled and central planning economic policies that were clearly not working, to capitalist policies as long as the Chinese people prosper.

Deng Xiaoping would not have been regarded as one of the great thinkers of the world if he was myopic to only think of China. And Communism is not tailored just for one or two states. The end game is to make the whole world subscribed to Communism.

So a few of us now realised what Deng Xiaoping had actually meant; that it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you achieve the final victory against the free world.

When China first embarked on her economic restructuring, the free world welcomed her thinking that free trade and capitalism would naturally and inevitably turn China into a democracy.

After about 30 years, China has become the second largest economy and flushed with riches, it has increasingly exhibited its true colour with its belligerent expansionist policies. Case in point, the South China Seas.

Yet, it still remains a Communist state ruled and dictated by the communist manifesto, the document that gave them the legitimacy to rule.

The free world, blinded by capitalist greed, continued to lap it all up oblivious of who they were dancing and sleeping with.

Take Singapore for example. Only some thirty years ago we would not have accepted un-screened workers from China who might be card-carrying communist party members. We would not have allowed China companies to build our key installations for fear of being sabotaged. Like it or not, insurgency whether overt or covert, political or economic still forms part and parcel of communist doctrine.

And yet we embraced them because `cheaper, better, faster’.

Malaysia too, the country who kicked Singapore out of the federation to ensure Malay hegemony, embraced China like there was no tomorrow because of greed. Sri Lanka that committed genocide using Chinese weapons, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe have huge Chinese presence that they are practically beholden to the whims and fancies of China.

Yet the free world stood still and did nothing.

You might ask: What’s wrong with communism? China is a communist state and is rich and perhaps we too should just embrace it.

If you are only after fortune then yes. Go ahead. But it must be warned that there is no guarantee that the prosperity you are enjoying now will last forever once the Communist’s end-game has been achieved.

But if you want your basic human rights to be protected and the rule of laws be it International or otherwise be respected, then you might want to think again.

The communist will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. There is no place for sentimentality in Communism.

Go and visit Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. The once tranquil city has now become the Hadyai of the Himalayas; part of the communist regime’s plan to morally and culturally corrupt the Tibetans to negate their sense of national identity and pride to finally stop their independent spirit.

But most importantly, ask yourself this question: are we going to accept that the deaths of so many soldiers and civilians fighting in the name of freedom were in vain?

Would you be able to enjoy your little life comforts if they had lost?

The ideological war between communism and democracy is still ongoing. And if we don’t wake up our ideas, we will lose this war and our future generations will curse us for failing.

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