Lock, Stock And The Muslim Ban


By: B Goode

Love him or loathe him, the man with a dead Golden Retriever on his head (it was a Pomeranian actually) is now the most powerful man on earth.

Inevitably, the man with the small hands has between his fingers the most powerful pen in the world.

And indeed he has shown its commanding powers when within days of his inauguration, he signed off executive orders after executive orders that shook the world to its very core.

But his actions should not have caught the world by surprise. He was just fulfilling his election promises; the very platform from which he was elected.

On second thoughts, perhaps the world was shocked because for the first time in living memory, the President of the United States meant what he said and did what he promised.

During his inauguration speech, he repeated his mantra ‘America First’ over and over again and the world reacted as if they had seen a ghost. What did they expect him to say? America last? Business as usual?

And so we got to his latest edict; the temporary ban on travels for citizens from some muslim-dominated countries.

Why do we have doors to our houses? Why do we have locks and keys and peepholes? Why do we even have security guards to our condos? Why bother with Police cameras in the void decks?

The reason is because we do not want any Tom, Dick or Suicide Harris to enter our homes. When we ourselves were wary of who we let into our homes; heck! even the Istana open house would require you to pass through metal detectors, why should we expect the US to have a free-for-all entry policy?

Just like us, what Trump did was merely to ensure that the US government would at least know who they allowed into their country.

Some argued that Trump’s latest action was akin to using a sledgehammer to kill a mosquito. Well, those people obviously have never been bothered by a mosquito zzzzing in their ears and sucking blood from spots on their body that are impossible to scratch.

So Trump temporarily banned people from some countries from entering the US. Who do we blame? Trump for trying to do what he is supposed to do and that is to protect his countrymen or those countries who allowed mosquitoes to breed in their courtyards?

Perhaps Trump is being racist and is indulging in religious profiling but those countries are making it too easy for him to be and do just that.

And those people especially pop stars and celebrities who wouldn’t dare to leave their fortified homes without a gang of bodyguards to keep them safe are now protesting oblivious to the gigantic irony that they are getting into.

And already there are corporations trying to milk this for profits such as Starbucks that promised to take in 10,000 refugees as employees in their worldwide chains.

Hello Mr Starbucks. Try employing refugees in your Singapore stores. Oh yes that’s right. You can’t because Singapore doesn’t accept refugees. But it’s ok. Carry on with your marketing strategy that surely must have been discussed in your ultra-fortified head office.

So before we ourselves start to condemn Trump’s action, ask ourselves this question.

Would you be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that your front door is left wide open?

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