A Malay President In September But Is Any Malay Keen?


By: B Goode

So that’s it. There will be a Malay President this September.

Although it is still seven months away, by now there should already be one or two candidates who would have put their names in the hat. I am not going to flog a dead horse but Dr Adrian Tan had his name up in the sky way, way before the sky was even created. He was like that guy who queued for Samsung Note52.

We could argue that the law for the Malay Presidency had just been passed by parliament but the plan was already there more than a year ago. Yet, up to now, no Malays had step up to be a candidate.

The names suggested such as Halimah Yaacob, Abdullah Tarmugi, Masagoes, Zainul Abidin and a few more were mere speculations from the political analysts. None of them was from the horse’s mouth.

Why are they not keen? It cannot be a cultural thing because the Malays up north prove otherwise. Most probably it is due to the lack of backers. The only sponsors I could think of as far as a Malay candidate can hope to get will be the ruling party. Or to put it more succinctly, they need the greenlight from the PAP.

And here’s the clincher. Why is the PAP so slow in backing or at least hinting at their preferred candidate?

I have to word this statement really, really carefully for fear of you know what. But in a country with a dearth of suitable Malays to be the President according to the criteria, it will be good for the PAP to quickly suggest a candidate so as to give some time for Singaporeans to get to know the candidate better.

Or a better alternative will be to just ask Madam Speaker Halimah Yaacob to stand for elections. I mean, who doesn’t know Halimah Yaacob?

So can we expect Halimah Yaacob to stand down from her Speaker Of parliament post after the current parliament sitting?

Make it happen!


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