So What Is A Bad Muslim?


By: B Goode

There was this news that was trending a few days ago about a Malay-Muslim in Malaysia who was accused of being not-Muslim enough. Actually the incident happened in 2008 but nowadays if you wanted to be in the news, just report something controversial about Islam or Muslims and BAM! you’d be trending regardless if the news was 10-years old. (Ed Note: Thus the title of this article /giggles)

Koreans eat dogs? Meh! Nothing new.

Muslims touch dogs? OMG! News headlines for weeks on end.

But the news got me thinking; is there such a thing as a not-Muslim-enough Muslim which I personally understood as another way of saying a bad Muslim.

So if the lady in the aforementioned article was considered a bad Muslim because she didn’t exhibit or exercise all the traits a Muslim woman was supposed to, would ISIS members be considered as good Muslims because they purportedly followed Islamic principles to the teeth?

How about the Thai Buddhist monk who is now on the run for allegedly embezzling donors’ monies? Is he a bad Buddhist? How about Madonna? Is she a bad Christian?

The answer is Hell No!

You see, it is impossible to ascribe the notion of good or bad onto something that is supposed to be judged by God. That is if you believe in God.

If you don’t believe in God (good luck to you, bro!), the exercise will also be futile.

What I am trying to say is that; there is no such thing as a bad Muslim, or a bad Buddhist, or a bad Christian or a bad whateveralienyoubelievedin.

Only bad people.

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