TSB EXCLUSIVE : Nude Picture Of Han Hui Hui Leaked!



By: B Goode

Han Hui Hui claimed that she was strip-searched in front of male prison officers. Her claim was totally debunked by MHA via video and other evidence.

Han Hui Hui epitomizes what is currently wrong with Singapore activists. They tell grandfather stories, lie, fake their own miseries and indulge in silly and childish behaviours thus trivialising the time-honoured tradition of activism and insulting the true activists of the world.

Who in their right mind would want to see Han Hui Hui naked? If her allegation was true, I am sure those officers who had the misfortune of seeing her naked body would have turned gay instantaneously. And any lesbian officers would have turned straight. Anybody else would have vowed a life of celibacy.

But if you insist on seeing her naked picture, it is after the jump. You have been warned!


Ok. It’s fake but it’s not too far-off. And you know what? Anyone could play the same faking game.





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