Public Breastfeeding : Libertards And Their Me Me Me Attitude


By: B Goode

To the woman who exposed her breast to feed her baby in the MRT for everyone to see, she might think that she was being edgy and that it was a natural thing to do. To many others, she was just being indecent and plain lazy.

You know what else is natural? Taking a dump. But you don’t see anyone doing that in the MRT do you?

Or sex.

Or peeing.

Or being naked.

Just because something is natural does not mean that it can be performed anywhere you want. The thing that differentiate us humans from the animals is that animals act on their instincts. We humans on the other hand, have what we called social norms and mores, highly evolved cultures, traditions and….brains.

We don’t act on our impulse solely because it is natural. We are taught self-discipline, self-control and behavioural appropriateness. We are instilled with a sense of shame. Apparently that woman showed none of these attributes.

Nobody said that she should not breastfeed her child. But there is an appropriate place to do that. Amongst the tribes in Papua New Guinea maybe:


Or how about using a breast pump at home and storing it in a milk bottle to be used for later:


Nope. Instead she decided to use nature as an excuse for her laziness and lack of planning.

And herein lies the problem with the libertards; the tree-huggers, hippies, stoners and people who use natural instincts as an excuse to do what they please or not do what the society has deemed appropriate simply because they find the norms and mores to be cumbersome and too much hard work.

They have a misplaced sense of self-entitlement and an individualistic streak so off the charts to the point of being selfish and as in the case of the woman, obscene.

As I have mentioned before, it is this Me Me Me attitude of the libertards that has caused the conservative backlash resulting in the rise of people like Dueterte, Trump and others.

I wonder what would have happened if a man was to stand up in front of the breastfeeding woman in the MRT, unzipped his pants and masturbated.

What’s the difference?

Both acts would be natural, wouldn’t they?


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