Amos Yee : Leave The Manchild Alone Already

amos yee

By: B Goode

So he is gone. Amos Yee is now a refugee in the US.

The petulant potty-mouth has said some mean things in the past for which he has been duly punished. And if Gods exist, since his offensive remarks were mostly directed at them, Big Bad Bubba or whatever you might call the guy who meted out punishment in hell, will be waiting for him with a hot iron rod in his hand or something. Or a nail-encrusted dildo. Yup. That will be it. Make it two. One for his mouth.

But now that he is officially a refugee in the US, we should all take a long sigh of relief and just let him be. There is no point to being petulant ourselves in attacking the US refugee system or to harp on what Amos Yee has done, or to over-analyse his motivations and worst of all, to wish him to suffer in the Land Of The Freeeeeee!!

First of all, Amos Yee is a child of the internet where being edgy, loud and petulant is common. We just have to get used to it. He is not the only one and certainly not the worst:

Secondly, by wringing our hands in glee, or mocking him, we are behaving like sour-grapes. Like as if since we ourselves are stuck in this god-forsaken place, we ridicule those who managed to set themselves free. It might not be true but it increasingly looked like it.

Most importantly, for better or for worse, Amos Yee has made a decision to leave us to eke out his fortune in another country. Let by-gone be by-gone and whatever he has done in the past is just water under the bridge. Yes, he will continue to rant, swear and be petulant. But a one-trick pony will soon be left out to pasture.

Whatever it is, I wish Amos Yee all the best in his future endeavour and to remember that home is where the heart is, and if he sees Big Bad Bubba, tell him I said hi!

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