Tan Cheng Bock : Clutching At Straws


By: B Goode

Tan Cheng Bock is at it again; being salty and throwing his toys out of the pram just because he couldn’t be the next person to wave at the crowd during National Day President.

Oh how the mighty has fallen. From being a well-respected Doctor/MP to becoming a passive-aggressive prick nitpick.

Just today he organised a press conference to basically say that he has been robbed of the Presidency. And here we all thought he had wanted to announce something more substantial like how to end world hunger or something.

“I am concerned that our EP (Elected Presidency) will always be tainted with the suspicion that the reserved election of 2017 was introduced to prevent my candidacy.” – Tan Cheng Bock.

If there was anything bigger than his ego it would have been these:

This Morning Live on ITV1 12th May 2011.  Presented by Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford

No dude. Don’t overthink stuff. It is all in your head. Or at best, only the noises coming from a small section of Singaporeans that drowned the insouciance of the silent majority.

To say that you were deprived of the chance to be the President because the government had deceitfully decided to reserve the next Presidency for the Malays was disingenuous. It is one thing to nitpick, and another to use strawman argument to further your desperate attempt to have a chance to toast the Queen of England if she ever came to visit again.

Why I said he was nitpicking? Because he had conveniently forgotten about the other enhanced criteria that would have also barred him from contesting.  But he chose to just highlight the racial issue because it was there for the taking.

Why oh why is he so desperate to be the President when there are other avenues available to him to further his so-called crusade to check on the government? How about forming an interest group? Or his own political party? Or be a member of an existing political party? Or just to remain as a political observer?

He is so obsessed about being the President that he has become aloof to the more important issues discussed and debated by Singaporeans at large. He didn’t make too much noise about the water price hike, did he? Or the Terrex incident. Or about the budget in general.

This is not the President I want. A person who is selfish and self-centred who thinks that the world revolves around his huge ego. It is one thing to be stubborn and another to be desperate.

I am beginning to feel pity for him, really.

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