Otters And Hookers


By: B Goode

I love otters very much. Not as much as I love beavers but that is for another day.

So another Otter got hooked at Marina Bay. I am sure some animal lovers will eventually remove the hook and am very certain that Louis Ng will go a step further and get the hookers too. That’s fine. Whatever floats his boat.

What I’ve learnt from Mr Barnum is that the best way to treat and manage wild animals is not to humanise them. They are wild animals. Not humans. Just because you named an Orangutan Ah Meng would not make her a Chinese. She is still the biggest ape in the world that will rip your throat out if she’s having a PMS.

By the way, isn’t Ah Meng a male’s name? This transgender thing is really getting out of hand….

Anyway, in the wild, otters live a dangerous life. To a wild otter, fishing hook is the least of its concerns. Again, just because you have never been hooked before except by that `foti-dolla’ woman at Lor 10 Geylang, does not mean that wild otters are also supposed to live a blessed life.

What I am trying to say is that, no matter how painful for us to watch an otter with a fishing hook in its paw, we should not over-react. Don’t go dredging the basin for fishing hooks like some have suggested. Just let the wild otters be wild with all the trials and tribulations that wild otters are expected to face.

What’s the worst that can happen? The otter will die. End of story. Or in the case of the dead chicken that you had for dinner the other day, it would end up in the toilet bowl.

That’s the cycle of life.

Live and die.

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