Panic On The Dunce Flour


By: B Goode

If I could get just one cent for every suspicious substance I found in the MRT stations, I’d be a millionaire twice over.


I just need to go to any MRT stations especially those with a clusterfuck of shops and delis such as Woodlands and Bugis. There I could find small puddles of creamy white liquid that looked suspiciously like some nerve agents that could actually be spilled milk or melted ice-cream from some careless youngins. Or patches of powdery substance which could be anthrax or might be the sugar icing from the nearby bakery.

Or orange sploshes which might be agent orange or…hey what do you know?  It was just spilled orange juice!

How many times must the authorities be fooled by their own extreme paranoia before they realise that they need to have a re-look at their SOPs? How many times must a whole MRT station be closed before they realise that this extreme measure based on the precept of `better safe than sorry’ cannot go on indefinitely before the population get emergency fatigue?

If everytime we need to close a road because of a suspicious parcel, or missed our destination because of some dunces who decided to play with flour, then the terrorists would have won. At least on the psychological front.

If the authorities were too quick to generate alarm by their extreme measures, the terrorists would see that as a weakness, not strength. A country that is weak psychologically and that is only capable to handle suspected crisis the only way he knows how, and that is by overkill, is a country that is ripe for the picking.

If I was a terrorist, which obviously I am not I swear, I’d throw dozens of red-herrings all over the island in the form of sugar, flour, milk, empty bags, my ex-gf,  in an effort to stretch the resources of the security so that my real weapon of choice could be safely planted elsewhere.

In fact, I don’t have to use any weapon. All those red herrings that I have thrown would cause an almost total shutdown of the country. Then I could quietly sip my coffee in front of my computer and watch the country melt from overzealousness.

What I am trying to say is that, there is no need to close a whole station because of some small patches of white powdery substances. Just the area surrounding the offending matter would do.

The argument against that would be: what if that substance was really anthrax.

My argument would be, if that substance proved to be anthrax, than whatever we did would already be too late.

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