The Sorry State Of Modern Islam


By: B Goode

At about the same time that a 22-yr old radicalised Muslim Salman Abedi blew himself up in Manchester Arena, some of the most corrupt Muslim leaders in the world gathered with President Trump in Saudi Arabia to do something straight out from 1001 nights; rubbing an orb:


In one fell swoop through an almost bizarre confluence of coincidences which if you believed in God, could only be designed by Him, it revealed to the world the true conflicted nature of modern Islam and thus the complexity of the scourge that has befallen humanity.

They say Islamic terrorism is not Islam. True. But what is more important is that for people like Salman Abedi and other suicide bombers and members of ISIS, they believe that they are the true representation of Islam.

They say true Islam is moderate Islam as championed by the same group of decadent leaders and dictators who congregated under the golden chandeliers surrounded by opulence whose value could have fed thousands if not millions of starving children all over the world. Truth be told, there is nothing moderate about any of these:

a1a2a3a4a5a6Malaysia's PM Razak and wife Rosmah Mansor arrive at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center before the opening ceremony of the ASEAN Summit in Nusa Dua, Balia10

So amongst the many victims of Islamic terrorism is a group of people largely overlooked because they go about their lives like many of us; peacefully, simple and trouble-free. They have rejected the two extreme versions of Islam and are contented to remain steadfast in the middle. They are undoubtedly the true Muslims.

As the world is focused on the two extremes; the Islamist fanatics in one corner, and the decadent and debauched Muslim elites in the other, the middle-of-road Muslims become a target of slurs and ridicule, and their religion Islam is tarnished with a broad brush of generalisation that it preaches violence, carnage and brutality.

People tend to forget that there are a billion Muslims in this world. If Islam was indeed a violent religion, the world would have been burnt a long time ago. It must also be noted that the two most brutal wars in human history; WW1 and WW2 had got nothing to do with Islam.

It is because of the existence of this moderate, true practitioners of Islam who form the majority of Muslims that there exists a semblance of normalcy in the world. If not because of their silent but calming influence, there would have been a clash of civilisations which brutality the world has never seen. They are like the gyroscope in an airplane caught in the middle of a turbulence.

Yet, they are fast becoming the victims of ignorance and malicious disinformation.

To solve the problem of Islamic radicalisation is not by reaching out to the other extreme; the kleptocrats, warmongers and self-indulgent Muslim elites. Rather to reach out to the real moderate Muslims who formed the backbone of the Muslim community.

There is one problem though. The world has yet to see them as the true agents of change, believing instead that the group of people who had gathered with Trump to re-create a scene from Aladdin as the ones that hold the key.

As far as the moderate Muslims are concerned, they don’t see any difference between the excesses of Islamic terrorism, and the excesses of the Muslim elites. They are both evil.

Modern Islam is indeed in a sorry state of affair.

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