Bizarre Ramadhan Food Fight


By: B Goode

Singapore is now being swept by a tsunami of gluttony proportion all because of….food. What else?

So the traditional Bazaar Ramadhan in Geylang (no not THAT Geylang), is now the focus of a controversy because of the existence of some foodstalls that did not have the Halal cert. So as usual the internet has decided to make it a big issue and again as usual has hijacked it and brought it into the realm where the stupid and ignorant resides.

The only reason why it has been turned into a big issue is because it is about the meme of the year, and the previous year, and the previous year……..; Islam. If you wanted to be seen as current, knowledgeable or intelligent, just say or comment something about Islam and BAM!

“Wow! You are so edgy bro!”

“You know so much about Islam which is not your religion. You must be very well read! Now tell me something about Buddhism.”

Which is basically what I intend to achieve now.

According to my friend who is an Ustaz (yes I do have friends who are holy), in Islam, what you can and cannot eat basically boils down to a simple rule:

If you think something is halal, go and consume it. If you think something is not halal, don’t consume it.


In short it is about personal choice.

The same loudmouths who condemned the stalls for not displaying Halal certs would be the same people who would have no qualms about eating from the Nasi Padang stalls or the Indian Noodle stalls in the Hawker Centres even if those stalls did not have the Halal certs.

So as far as the foodstalls in the Bazaar Ramadhan in Geylang (for the last time NO! Not that Geylang), it is all up to the consumers. If they think that it is halal, then it is halal. If not, then it is not. Period.

The fact that those stalls who do not have halal certs are doing a roaring business shows one thing; most Malay/Muslims just don’t care. So why should the internet care?

In any case, arguing about food during the month when food should be the last thing in one’s mind is truly bizarre….

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