The Legacy Of LKY : An Ode To A Father


By: B Goode

He wasn’t my father nor was he your father. But we could all agree that Lee Kuan Yew was the father of modern Singapore, and regretfully at the same time the father of three bickering brats.

Lee Kuan Yew or more famously known as LKY was and still is Singapore. You cannot talk about Singapore without talking about him. Conversely you cannot talk about him without talking about Singapore. You can talk about Goh Chok Tong and people will ask; who? Oh Mr Globalization who opened the floodgates to foreign `talents’ for the sake of growth because it was the easiest thing to do? OK!

A giant of a man on par with other historical giants such as Mandela, Roosevelt et al, LKY’s pioneering……wait! I’ll stop. I am becoming Captain Obvious.

Sadly, his good name and consequently the reputation of Singapore are now being dragged through the Oxley Road driveway by his children who simply could not keep family matters, private.

You might ask; what have his misbehaving children got to do with him and Singapore?

This is where LKY’s legacy comes in.

When we talk about LKY’s legacy, the first thing that comes to our mind is Singapore; modern, rich, safe, clean, pragmatic, together with some negativities such as the ban on…..

…..anal sex.

But lest we forget, LKY was also a father to three children who are now involved in ‘he says, she says, he says’ shenanigans. And as a human being, his children would be the greatest legacy of all. In fact, for Asians, our children would be our real legacy whom we hoped to carry on our good name way into the future. And for some of us without children, there are always our other family members. And for some gays, there are always other people’s children…..

So for Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling to accuse their eldest brother who also happened to be the PM of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong of smudging LKY’s legacy is smack of hypocrisy. You fired the first shot.

Of course it would be easy to blame this on the two younger siblings for bringing out the dirty linens for all to see in the first place. The lickspittle sites are already doing a great job at this.

But Lee Hsien Loong should not be absolved of any responsibility. Being the eldest brother, his inability to control his siblings or to mediate in order to keep embarrassing family disputes out of the public eyes is disconcerting to say the least.

This dispute regarding the house on Oxley Road is surely just the catalyst that ignites years of penned-up family squabbles. It is like the proverbial last straw in the 7-11 store fought over by three selfish customers. Hello! You don’t need a straw to drink the over-priced coke. Just gulp it down to keep your mouths shut.

If this goes on, LKY’s legacy will be sullied and the narrative may be re-written to:

Lee Kuan Yew: A strong leader. A weak father.

Is that what they want?

Sad indeed.

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