Indranee Rajah : WOOF!


By: B Goode

There is really nothing wrong to placate your boss. Everyone does it to a certain extent. In fact, I am doing just that by writing this article. My lady boss wants it. So I have to do it to make her happy. Although I could perhaps achieve the same result by just sleeping with her but I don’t dig fat chicks my sweet, curvaceous and stunningly beautiful lady boss is married. And yes she will be reading this and vetting it but I don’t care.

In the ongoing ownself check ownself drama that is presently unfolding in Parliament, the PAP MPs are doing just that. Although the party whip has been lifted, someone has apparently forgotten to unfasten the leash.

But none tried harder than Indranee Rajah. In fact, she was at it days before the Parliament sitting as if to get a head-start from her peers. Either that or she was made the official red-herring breeder.

Balls juggling is a fine art, mind you. Marcel Marceau became a millionaire for his balls juggling skills. But when Indranee Rajah attempted that, she tried so hard that she appeared to be gargling instead of juggling.

In her vigorous defense of her boss, she took on the persona of a gypsy seer with the miraculous ability to commune with the dead.

“Lee Kuan Yew intention was not to totally demolish the house.”

My dear Benji. How would you know? Lee Kuan Yew is dead and what is left is his clear intention as stipulated in the will. Unless of course you have the uncanny ability to talk to his spirit. But then again, 7th month is still a few weeks away.

If Benji Indranee Rajah truly believed that the last will was not properly prepared as Lee Kuan Yew might have told her when he appeared to her during her trantic state, please do the needful and make a Police report. The Police might classify it as a case of extreme delusion but at least that would be the proper step to take.

So I say; she should just stop barking or at least use her skillfuture fund to learn the art of juggling balls because she sure looked damn amateurish.

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