Halimah’s Shoe Size


By: B Goode

So, the chubby PAP boy, Zaqy Mohamad has been parachuted in from Choa Chu Kang into Marsiling to replace Halimah Yacob who has resigned to contest the upcoming Presidential Election (PE). That was fast. Of course. He didn’t take the MRT…

Let’s not get into the nitty-gritty of whether this move was constitutional or fair except to echo what some Marsiling residents have said : `We didn’t vote for the greenhorn.”

But at least he came off apologetically, almost sheepishly to say that he had some big shoes to fill. Well, chubby boy, thank your lucky star that Halimah doesn’t wear 10-inch stilettos or you’ll be walking awkwardly like a new transvestite still learning the ropes. Well at least not publicly. Privately, who knows….?

But since he mentioned shoes, I would like to discuss about Halimah’s shoe size.

Some HDB blocks in Marsiling are presently in the process of upgrading. As with other upgrading projects in Singapore, residents were given a choice of 3 schemes to choose from. But not in Marsiling. Not under Halimah Yacob. Initially the residents were offered 3 choices but some residents complained that the choices were not appealing. Other MPs would have just said something like: “Scheme is scheme”, or “according to our poll, 95% of the residents were happy with the choices’ or `shut up and just bite the bullet” but not Halimah. Nope. Halfway through the process, she asked for another 3 choices to be added. So that makes 6 choices for Marsiling residents, something unheard of anywhere in Singapore, including Choa Chu Kang.

Also, as you must have heard, the area around Woodlands Centre is to be demolished to make way for an expanded Immigration Checkpoint. That area includes a hawker centre/market and shophouses. They are expected to be vacated by end of August. But because some of the proprietors have problems in securing new sites, they appealed to Halimah and as a result they were given an extension to November.

And there are more.

Marsiling area is now undergoing a transformation that will be the envy of residents in other areas. A new swanky Police Station is now being built next to an almost completed hawker centre/market. The stadium and swimming pool will be demolished and in their places, a new sportshub will be built. The Woodlands Town Garden is also being refurbished to rival the Botanical Gardens (ok..I exaggerated), and just completed is a modern kindergarten.

You could argue that all this development would have happened regardless of who the MP was. Go on then. Go to the corner and argue your case.

Most importantly, if you happened to visit Marsiling like I always did because of the quaint atmosphere of it being in the northern most part of Singapore, and the good food of course, you’d be awestruck by the cleanliness of the area and walked away with the feeling that the area was well-maintained. You could in fact walk from one end of the constituency to the other without getting yourself wet in a heavy downpour. Try doing that in Choa Chu Kang.

So yes. Halimah Yacob wears a pair of gigantic shoes. And you know what they say about women with big shoes?

They have a big heart.

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