National Day Rally 2017 : The Most Underwhelming And Uninspiring Ever!


By: B Goode

PM Lee recently said that he would not appreciate `yes men’.

Yes sir! Ahai Sir! Will do just that sir!

Sir, about your National Day Rally (NDR) speech. Was it written the night before whilst you were in the toilet or something? Because it stank to high heaven. Dafug was that all about?

Sorry to sound rude but there were worse unprintable words thrown at you from people in the streets. I am just the bearer of bad words.

People close to PM Lee and those `yes men’ who surround him, would no doubt tell him that the speech was brilliant. So expect lickspittles like Indranee Rajah and Josephine Teo to come out all gun ablazing to repeat Pm Lee’s speech ad nauseum.

But not a `no man’ like me. No oh. I am so NO that my nono tingled in a bad way when I heard that speech. If anything, the speech showed how disconnected the PM was from the people. It reminded me of a Chinese Emperor living within the confines of his Palace, surrounded by `yes men’ who would only tell him what he wanted to hear; the good and irrelevant news whilst his subjects suffered hardships under the warring warlords and eunuchs. Masking real issues with non-issues has always been a strategy for the weak. But we expect more from the PM of Singapore.

I could understand where he was coming from though. Pre-school education, smartnation and diabetes (really?) were all important issues but those issues could be dealt with on another day by his well-paid Ministers, unless they were useless in communicating and articulating complicated things to the people. No surprises there actually. But if you were to put them side-by-side with other issues of grave concerns to the people, those same issues would appear to be mere itches on the people’s arse. More importantly, those issues were too freaking obvious, Captain Obvious sir. You don’t need the Prime Minister to explain especially, and definitely not during the hallowed National Day rally.

So what’s the topic for next year? Eating too much fats will make you fat? Water is wet?

The annual National Day Rally has always been a much anticipated event in Singapore’s political calendar. It is a platform for the Prime Minister of the day to explain important topics and policies that mattered to the people. It is also a time for the Prime Minister to take stock of the country’s performance and general well-being and where the country is going moving forward. And if there are issues that are a cause for worry, it is a time for the PM to assuage the people.

Of course pre-school education, smartnation and diabetes (really) definitely all fall into the above category but as I’ve said, there were far more important issues that seemed to have flown over the cuckoo’s nest. Woooooosh!

Issues like the building of a megaport in Malacca that will rival Singapore, and the rail network connecting Malaysia’s west coast with the east that will allow goods to bypass Singapore; the screwed-up MRT system; high cost of living; the over-crowding; under-employment and wage stagnation; allegations against his integrity that still simmers; and if you want to talk about health, let’s talk about zika, dengue, cancer and the alt-fact that Singapore has now the world’s highest per-capita rate of deaths from  malfunctioning lifts…..and identified falling objects.

The NDR happens once a year. To put it in perspective as to how rare and valuable the NDR is, it is as rare as Khaw Boon Wan coming out to speak about the bloody MRT system. So to let a golden opportunity passed with a speech about sugar and spice and everything not nice was disappointing and utterly underwhelming.

Diabetes. Really?

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