SMRT : Trainspotting Gone Mad


By: B Goode

After all that’s been said and done, and that will be said and done ad nauseum until the end of time (hopefully not), is the MRT system really THAT bad?

I mean bad BAD like Mariah Carey’s deformed camel’s toe when she was singing `All I Want For Christmas’ infront of a group of children bad?:


So there was a flood in a section of the MRT tunnel. So there were a few instances of power faults resulting in the total shutdown of the system for 10 hours or more. So there were the almost weekly delays of a few hours; the almost daily delays of a few minutes; two deaths……

Come to think of it, it IS bad.

But it could have been worse:

Despite all the failings and inspite of the itches in the ass that wouldn’t go away borne from the fact that parts of the system are old, (old people and their itchy asses….) the MRT still managed to chug along transporting millions of people unfortunate enough to not afford or too smart to buy a car, daily. For that alone, the people running the system should be given some sort of credit.

So why were the good accomplishments being buried under tonnes of badfaith every time the system cocked up to the point of name-calling; urging people with mouths to feed to get the sack and a particular Minister to kill himself?

The reason has got something to do with confliction; when expectations don’t gel with reality. It is like you going on a date with a pretty lady you met from facebook only to find out that she looked like this:


That’s what precisely plaguing the MRT especially the SMRT. After spending time and efforts telling people how great and awesome the system was via some dodgy polls and dubious statistics, not to mention the billions of dollars donated pumped by the government and then BAM!; the world’s first case of flooding in a train tunnel because the water pump was choked with rubbish.

And the world sniggered and laughed.

That’s the price of conceit. When you bragged and bragged about how beautiful your wife was, people would naturally be more fascinated with your wife for all the wrong reasons. They’d be more judgmental and more unforgiving of her flaws.

So everyone involved in our MRT system should just stop polishing turd and just get on with the work of getting the system back to speed. After years of neglect and cutting corners on maintenance because the previous management were too busy making money for Temasek Holdings the shareholders, no amount of breast-beating would make the system efficient again.

So stop with the photo-ops of Ministers taking the train during off-peak hours; of publishing disinformation via suspect polls and trumped-up statistics.

Be open and be more willing to accept mistakes and to correct them promptly. Employing more engineers because apparently the present cohort is either insufficient or inefficient, and getting the military personnel to temporarily help out are commendable actions.

In short, STFU and get back to work!

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