To Laugh Or To Cry? : The Joo Koon Train Collision

mrt accident

Ed: Before we get bashed by the humourless liberals, we will like to extend our best wishes to the 28 people who are injured in the incident:



Was it a coincidence or a terrible curse? Everytime Minister Khaw opened his mouth to say something about the MRT, something horrible would happen the next moment.


Just a day after lecturing SMRT staff not to let a few bad apples affect their work, two SMRT trains collided at Joo Koon station injuring 28 people.

That was the part where we’d cry.

Now come the laughing part:

The reason given for the accident was that the faulty signaling system caused the second train to not being able to detect the presence of the first train. Orilly? So the driver of the second train was asleep then? LOL.

We would like suggest to Minister Khaw to go to Yasukuni Shrine in Japan to offer his sincere apologies to the spirits of the Japanese warriors for belittling the sanctity of hara-kiri. Because we really, really think that he has been cursed.

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