O How Times Change : Communist Leader Named The Straits Times’ Asian Of The Year


When once we fought them. When once we feared them.; when once we despised them; when once those who believed in communism and Marxism were hounded, arrested and detained without trial; when even now Communist Party is still banned, The Straits Times’ has named China’s communist supremo Xi Jinping as Asian Of The Year.

Bravo Straits Times for dishonoring the memory of those who lost their lives and limbs in fighting the communist.

Never forget!

This award is a slap in the face for democracy, freedom and free will. Or did we get it all wrong? Were we wrong in fighting the communist? Should we have embraced communism from the very start? Perhaps we would have been better off if we did.

In selecting Mr Xi for the award, the editors hoped “he will be able to draw on the wisdom of China’s rich civilisation and long history to present the world with a China that while pursuing self interest, does so with patience, empathy, generosity and, above all, respect for the rule of law and fair play in international relations”.

Tell that to the Tibetans and the oppressed in Xinjiang.

One thing for sure, this is another in a series of evidence that in the war of ideologies, the Communist has already won.

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