Political Renewal : Delusion And Reality


By: B Goode

PM Lee is on his annual leave. In December. Always in December. Just like us plebs. I wonder if he had to draw lots with his two deputies to see who got to take leave during the much sought after holiday season.

Oh wait. The two deputies too will be taking turns to be on leave. In December. Always in December. Just like us plebs.

They are humans after all.

Speaking of being human, there is this rumour going around amongst the gossipy makciks and kakaks about Teo Ser Luck being asked to resign because of an affair with a Malay lady. I for one cannot believe that it is true. I mean, just look at his face:


So decent and angelic….

Hold on. Be right back. I smell smoke….

Anyway, even if the rumour was true, would it warrant him leaving politics?

And herein lies one of the main reasons for the apparent dearth in quantity and most importantly quality in Singapore politics especially in the ruling party, PAP. They expect politicians to be angels.

Find me a sinless politician and I’ll show you God.

So why limit an already small pool with some antediluvian ancient code of conduct that truly belonged in the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth and humans didn’t exist?

If you don’t believe in God, then you’ll know that humans are just like animals; sex-driven. And even if you believe in God, then you’ll learn that the reason why we are on this planet is because Eve once decided to do sexytimes with a serpent for an apple. (It better be an iPhone8)

So if humans are well, humans, why do we expect our politicians to be angels? How many talented and passionate people have gone through our fingers because they didn’t want to be in politics for fear of eyes prying into their closets?

And if this primordial rule was imposed globally, would we have gotten great men like Gandhi, Mandela, Kennedy, Clinton, Mao et al who are/were womanizers?

In a week’s time, we will be approaching 2018. Self-imposed chastity belts on our politicians need to be loosen up. We need to be less anal-retentive regarding our expectations of our politicians. As long as what they did behind closed bedroom doors were not criminal, they should not be hounded off politics.

So what if a married MP had an extra-marital affair? As long as that would not impact on their performance, we shouldn’t care. That would be between them and their loved ones.

If we are stuck with the attitude that our politicians must be holier-than-thou, then we will be stuck with mediocre goody-two-shoes political leaders, and Ministers having to hold too many hats because capable people were afraid to join politics because of unnecessary and unnatural codes of sexual conducts.

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