Is Singapore Ready For Same-Sex Marriages?

gay couple

By: B Goode

On Christmas Day, the Singapore Council of Churches reiterated their stand that there is no place in heaven for homosexuals, or words to that effect.

“SCROOGE!” shouted the Transvestites in Desker Road.

And then came the news that the Ministry of Social and Family Affairs had ruled that gay people would not be allowed to adopt a child.

‘SCROOGE!” shouted the gays along Club Street.

While many countries, the latest being Australia have recognized same-sex marriage and consequently same-sex family, why is Singapore still being anal about it?

We could of course argue that it was because of the pressure from the conservative groups; the religious bodies, straight parents, the Ahbengs, Ahmads, Thambys and the old folks. Basically the argument was that Singapore is still a conservative society.

But was that really the real reason or was it just an excuse by the government not to recognize same-sex marriage and family?

You see, Singapore’s social/political system is largely based on the heterosexual family unit. By this I mean the fact that government grants, help, tax deductibles, rebates are all tailored towards the more productive segments of society.

You want a HDB grant? Go get married with someone of the opposite sex.

You want baby grant? Go forth and multiply.

You want maternal leave? Go get pregnant.

You want paternal leave? Go make your wife pregnant.

To change all that to include gay marriages and families would not only be complicated, but would cost the government a shit load of money. And we all know how the present government is averse to thinking too much or giving away money unless it is absolutely critical and necessary; like spending millions to build a boardwalk for people to stare at trees.

“UNSUSTAINABLE!: shouted PM Lee whilst taking a selfie under a coconut tree.

But truth be told, for a country with zero natural resources that depends on its people to work day and night to pay taxes for the government to waste by getting scammed,   to grow the economy, same-sex marriages are simply counter-productive.

Homosexuality, I was once told by my pastor, was the real cause of the extinction of Dinosaurs. He was also the one who told me about Santa Claus. So it must be true!


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