Lim Thean : A Political Prostitute Extraordinaire


By: B Goode

At a time when Singapore is in dire need of a credible opposition force to counter the increasingly stale and pugnacious policies of the ruling PAP government (see Budget 2018), up stepped Lim Thean, arguably the most facetious thing to ever happen to Singapore since the erection of a black statue of a white Sir Stamford Raffles.

black raffles

You can read my red flag on Lim Thean here.

Some people equate politicians to prostitutes. But not I for the simple reason I have never ever visited a prostitute in my entire life because I have my own personal one. You can call her Betty:

sex doll

Look, I paid $250 for her. She comforts me during cold lonely nights and I can hug her without her complaining about my B.O. Don’t judge.

But my friends with terror nick-names like John Bangkok, Ahmad Batam, Geylang Botak, Petain Peter and Susie the scissor queen swear on the similarities between politicians and prostitutes.

Politicians and prostitutes get paid for promising good services.

And they all lie.

A prostitute will lie about the size of your dick. A politician will lie about the size of the coffers to justify increasing taxes. Do you really know how much is in our reserves? Yup that’s right. Neither do I. But then again when it comes to money, nothing is ever enough for the ruling PAP.

And if politicians are prostitutes, then the PAP Ministers must be giving the best blow-jobs in the world considering how much they get paid….

….and the unintelligible rubbish that comes out from their gaping mouths.

But what is worse than a prostitute? Lim Thean and his ilk.

At least a prostitute will try to make you come after taking your money. Lim Thien on the other hand will leave you stranded and naked lying on the bed with delicious anticipation of a good time only for him to say: “Oops sorry I’ve got another client”.

Bitch please!

Back in October, Lim Thean solicited for donations via crowdfunding for the purpose of launching a class action suit against the CPF. I don’t know the who, how, what, when and where because frankly I don’t particularly enjoy seeing people flogging a dead horse.

Four months later, the horse is still dead and Lim Thien is nowhere to be seen presumably doing what a political whore normally does; hawking his ass in the back alleys for the downtrodden and disillusioned. Meanwhile his clients are still lying naked on a bed made from empty promises waiting for a blow job that never come.

And this has been Lim Thean’s pattern since he decided to dabble in politics after becoming a failure in life; to get donations for some cotton-picking projects that never materialized. Which makes one wonder;

Is this his deliberate ploy to support his post-retirement extravagant lifestyle? To hoodwink the anti-establishment into parting with their hard-earned money with the promise of a fake orgasm? Most importantly, are his supporters so blinkered that it affected their ability to think and reason thus making them blind to Lim Thean’s obvious gimmicks?

Prior to this, Lim Thean had also asked for $20000 donation to organize a ‘Fair Jobs For Singaporeans’ rally. Nope. Nothing happened. His clients are still waiting for their climax.

Then he had asked for donations for the purpose of producing a video on defamation laws in Singapore. Nope. Also nothing happened. By now you’d expect his clients to give up and move on to something else. But if that something else is Han Hui Hui….


So there you have it. Lim Thien, a political prostitute extraordinaire with a list of clientele who are either blind, stupid or with a taste so low that it made my ex-gf blushed.

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