Louis Ng To Civil Servants : Fuck Your Bosses If You Must!

luois ng

*photo-op of Louis Ng stroking a pussy.

By: Pearly Munn, Parliament Correspondent

Estate Manager  MP Louis Ng (Nee Soon GRC) has urged civil servants to challenge their bosses and not be afraid to speak up. In other words, if your boss happened to be any of the Ministers, SPEAK UP! DON’T SCARED! Like how he screwed Minister Khaw for the MRT debacle. Oh wait!

Or how he questioned PM Lee during the 38 Oxley Road saga. Oh wait again!

“We need to make sure we don’t have a public service filled with ‘yes sir’ men and women. To demolish this culture, we need to break our entrenched processes and bureaucracy,” said Mr Ng who is the representative for animals in Parliament.

Here is a snapshot of Louis Ng’s constituents:

According to Professor X, from the Institute of Behavioural Sciences based in Salem Center, NY, Louis Ng, who was also the founder of Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) might be accustomed to his charges barking at him but real life doesn’t always work that way.

Louis Ng, who once cried in Parliament due to stresses of being a father, said that he formed his perception that civil servants are a bunch of lickspittles from his closed-door sessions with public servants over the past year. He however refused to disclose how many sessions he had and when. Yeah right….fake news right there.

Perhaps Louis Ng would be better off relating with humans more than with animals so as to understand better the dynamics in the work environment.

Or better still. Show the civil servants how to do it.

Come on Louis! You go gurl!



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