Inquiring Mind Needs To Know! : Why Carpark Gantries?


By: B Goode

Have you guys ever for some reasons or another, got stuck trying to enter a carpark?

If you guys could afford or were stupid enough to own a car in Singapore that could buy you a villa in France (true story), you’d understand the frustrations of drivers trying to enter or exit carparks because the gantries were either too slow or too intelligent; not allowing you to enter because the carpark was full thus causing you to get stuck on the ramp unable to make a u-turn. So you had to just sit there in your car for thirty minutes or more twiddling your thumb or reading the parliamentary report on test balloons from your smartphones.

Or if the gantry was unresponsive causing you to frantically press the intercom for help that took forever to come.

Or God forbid if the car infront of you was a Malaysian registered car and the driver didn’t know what `insert your cashcard’ meant.

So my question is: Why carpark gantries?

If the purpose was to collect money (duh!), wouldn’t a gantryless system like the one used by the ERP be more effective and efficient? It definitely is because the ERP system is being used by the Singapore government to collect money. I rest my case…

If the purpose was to stop cars from entering a carpark that was already full, the question would be why? Are drivers so blind and stupid not to be able to know if a carpark was full after cruising around the carpark? If the drivers wanted to wait for an empty lot so be it but at least allow other drivers who would want to find other carparks to exit and not to waste time on the ramp.

If the purpose was to prevent illegal parking, then there is such a thing as wheel clamps.

If the purpose was to prevent illegal entry of cars without the required cashcards, try doing that to the ERP….

So seriously. Why carpark gantries?

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