A Strange Coupling : SMRT To Engage McLaren To Monitor Train Performance

strange coupling

NEWSFLASH : SMRT Trains and McLaren will work together on condition-monitoring solutions that are able to track and predict the performance of SMRT trains. LOL!

It is as funny as Macdonald’s asking Burger King to teach them how to cook healthy food.

When was the last time McLaren won the F1? When was the last time we had a new PM? Too long…

The SMRT-McLaren Applied Technologies team will work on customising condition-monitoring solutions to monitor the train motors, brakes, pneumatic systems and gearboxes fitted aboard one SMRT train; these will collectively serve as a test-bed for proof-of-concept. This test-bed train will in turn allow engineers from SMRT and McLaren Applied Technologies to validate the performance of an end-to-end condition-monitoring platform.

Mr Desmond Kuek, SMRT President and Group CEO, said: “In Singapore, SMRT has been pioneering the development of rail condition-monitoring sensors to minimise disruption of our commuter service, optimising train performance by detecting and rectifying emerging defects early. We look forward to collaborating with McLaren Applied Technologies to elevate this capability further, combining our engineering expertise in rail with their proven capabilities harnessing sensors, telemetry and software in motorsport. McLaren’s motorsport technology will be adapted and installed on board our first Proof-of-Concept SMRT train later this year.  When implemented fleet-wide, we expect to bring about enhanced safety, reliability and comfort for commuters on our rail network.”

We are all for new ideas and efforts to improve on the archaic MRT system and honestly wish them all the best. But we cannot help but imagine the following scenario:

McLaren : After some tests, we found that the trains were overloaded. The trains could perform better, faster and cheaper if you could reduce the passenger load.

SMRT : Err but, but, but we need to squeeze in more passengers. More passengers mean more money. In fact, we have just ordered new trains with detachable seats. Also, in order to look more inclusive, we are allowing people to bring in their PMDs, bicycles, wheelchairs, motorcycles, cars, buses, lorries and even their houses if they could fit in the trains.

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