Dear Teachers : You Are Not So Special


By: Mr. B Goode (Anthropological Historian at Tun Sri Lanang Secondary)

So the government has decided to charge teachers for parking in school compounds.

Boohoo cry me a river!

So for the past one week or so, social media and the forum pages in MSM have been inundated with pleas by what I suspected are former teachers’ pets for the decision to be reverted. Arthur! Was that you?

They say that teachers, being educators are special…

Boohoo cry me another river!

If teachers are special, so are the Police Officers, the soldiers, the firefighters, in fact, almost all government servants because they perform specialized duties for the benefit of the people and the country in one way or another.

Except for the NEA officers who ambushed smokers. There’s nothing special about them. Even my mom could do what they did. And she’s dead….

Truth be told, each and everyone of us, be it government servants or otherwise, are special. Try saying to the toilet auntie that she’s not special. Go on teachers. I dare you!

So if all of us are special and we all have to pay for our parking, why not teachers? The fact that they have gotten away without paying for parking all these years should be considered a travesty.

Oh and lest they forget. Teachers are paid. Its not like they teach for free.

And another thing. If they could afford a car, what’s a few dollars of parking charges eh?

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