Cabinet Reshuffle : De-cluttering The Clusterfuck


By: B. Goode

Once in a while, it feels good to de-clutter your personal space, be it your wardrobe, workstation or in the case of this woman……


But the danger of de-cluttering is that you might end up simply re-arranging the furniture or you might find something missing like your stash of Playboy magazines that you had collected during your teenage years.

“Damnit mom!”

Take the case of PM Lee’s recent kitchen cabinet reshuffle. Three Ministers gone simply because they were too old although they were about the same age as the PM himself.

The Minister-in-charge of paranormal activities, Indranee Rajah (she sees dead people) got promoted to full Minister because we needed more women in the cabinet.

The Milk Lady, Josephine Teo got moved to a bigger Ministry although she had failed miserably in her last posting as the Minister-in-charge of breeding. In any other countries, she would have gotten the sack. But not in Singapore. Here you’ll get rewarded for mediocrity.

Masagoes looks good with a beard so yea…he gets promoted too.

And so, after re-arranging all the furniture, you might then realize that you were missing some important stuff. As in the case of the cabinet reshuffle: Where the fuck is the new PM-designate?

Singapore is one of the few countries, if not the only country in the world where the Deputy PM will not automatically assume the PMship if the incumbent is to relinquish his post.

We have slightly more than two years before the next GE when the PM has promised to step down. And yet, he is still undecided as to who will be his successor. Apparently he needs more time to assess and evaluate the three frontrunners.

His procrastination is sending the wrong signal to Singaporeans and investors alike. What’s taking him so long to decide? Are the candidates not good enough? Is he waiting for a better candidate? Is there in-fighting within the ruling party? Or he simply bochap? Or gasp! He is staying for another term?

The PAP pride themselves with political renewal as a means to maintain political stability. Yet, the PM himself has overstayed his welcome and is seemingly still reluctant to abdicate.

The declaration of his new successor is long overdue and it will go a long way towards calming the uncertainty surrounding the reasons for the delay.

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