Pirates Of The Klang Valley : At Wits End


By: Dato’ B. Goode

Malaysians, including thousands of new citizens from Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Rohingya, a few from Singapore (true story), Bosnia, Palestine, any Ahmad, Badul and Harris, those who will most probably pledge their allegiance to the ruling party for giving them a new lease of life, not to mention the simple-minded kampong folks will go to the polls today.

Will Asia’s very own Mugabe and his racist party retain power?

Short answer : yes

Long answer : You fucking well believe it!

Najib’s blatant attempt at manipulating the system to ensure his survival would make even Goebbles rise from the ashes and shout ‘Hail Najib!’.

Gerrymandering – Check

Fear Mongering – Check

Cash handouts – Check

Subjugating the political system – Check

Making life hard for voters to vote by having the polling day on a Wednesday – Check

Making use of national media to tar the reputation of the opposition – Check

Check, checks and more cheques.

But honestly, will it make any difference to the country and to the Malaysians whether Najib wins or loses if the alternative is Mahathir Mohamed? Will it make a difference if the choice is between Alibaba and Big Pussy Bonpansiero? They are both thieves out to enrich themselves, their families, friends and cronies.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Mahathir Mohamed is no angel. He is not known as Mister Ten Percent for nothing. He is as corrupt as Najib is albeit doing it less blatantly. At least he is not so stupid as to claim his billions of ill-gotten monies to be donation from an Arab Prince. LOL!

The corruption that has permeated Malaysia is so chronic that it has a life of its own. It is so entrenched that the Malaysians themselves seem to expect, indeed want their leaders to be corrupt. If you are not corrupted, you are not a good leader seems to be the accepted adage. That’s why the Malaysians gleefully wait with arms stretched for handouts without asking themselves where the money comes from. And over generations this has breed an entitlement and crutch mentality that can only be satisfied by corrupt politicians.

So unless there arises an honest leader who has the will and wherewithal to smash this vicious cycle of money politics, Malaysia sadly to say will remain corrupted. But finding an honest leader in Malaysia is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Only difference is, in Malaysia there is not even a single needle to begin with.

But as long as there is oil to be pumped, timber to be felled, land to be sold, Arab donations to be gotten to feed the insatiable thirst for handouts, Malaysia will continue to chug along nicely and nonchalantly on the corrupted path.

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