BN’s Downfall : Are You Watching, PAP?


By: B. Goode

Be afraid. Be very afraid dear card-carrying PAP comrades. Because the circumstances leading to the tsunami in Malaysian politics were eerily similar to the conditions slowly but surely developing in Singapore right now. Whether you realize it or not, you are morphing into them; arrogant, aloof, self-serving, cliquish, detached and with the penchant of looking at the big picture without seeing the finer details; of gazing at the sky whilst trampling on the grass under your feet.

The PAP has always been known as a `father-knows-best’ party. This we know. But that was okay when they had giants like Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Keng Swee, Tony Tan, Rajaratnam, Dhanabalan et al. I mean if any of those gentlemen were to tell me that my father was a communist and had to be put in cold storage, I might believe them.

But not when it is currently infested by Mickey and Minnie mice devoid of any substance or personality whose idea of being ministerial is to spew utter garbage, in perfect English of course. They have turned `looking the other way’ into an art form; totally in dissonant with the plight of the masses.

During the Zika out break, it took Mickey Mouse one whole week to come out from his bunker to say something. Then again it was to blame Singaporeans for breeding mosquitoes. And he recently got promoted.

When we complained about the flats getting more expensive and smaller, Minnie Mouse said we didn’t need a big space to have sex. And when we complained about the price of baby formula, she told us to feed our infants with any type of milk because milk is milk. And she got promoted.

And more recently, this same group of people with their heads so high up their asses that they could lick their own spleen, spent a good portion of a Parliamentary session to discuss about balloons, led by Olive Oyl who even days after that, was still nagging for an apology.

No dear Olive. We don’t want an apology. We need cheaper spinach.

Never has there been a more annoying and irrelevant congregation of lickspittles to sit in Parliament than this bunch of over-paid cooks and waitresses whose only expertise is to dish out lip service.

Frankly speaking, I could get a better lip service for $40 from the backlane of Geylang.

Just observe the recent Parliamentary sitting to debate on the speech written by Cabinet and read out by the President. Bold this. Bold that. The only thing bold is their temerity to regurgitate decades’ old ideas and plans. I mean when was the first time we heard about changing the education system? Yea that’s right. When LKY was still the PM.

And they wanted to talk about being bold when they were too chicken to even name a potential PM amongst themselves.

This arrogance perhaps stems from their sense of invincibility borne no less from their perception that the opposition are a bunch of `The Suck’ which, to be fair is not far from the truth. But the sad state of the opposition shouldn’t be the reason for the PAP to suck more. Because when push comes to shove, when the people has had enough of bullshit, tsunami will happen.

So what are the similarities between BN and PAP? Let us count the ways:


  1. Being led by a scandal-ridden PM who has overstayed his welcome who surrounds himself with lackeys too quick to come to his defense even to the point of talking to dead people. And a PM who seems to be lacking in political savviness. See South China Sea. He is damn good with the selfie camera though.
  2. Having a wife who is unpopular. No doubt Ho Ching is more likeable than Rosmah but both are seen as wasting public funds. One on expensive bags, the other on unprofitable investments.
  3. The high cost of living that seems to be spiraling out of control. So what did they do to assuage the people? Increase the price of water by 30%, further GST increase whilst scratching their heads for the solution to the problem.
  4. HDB flats that are getting smaller yet, increasingly unaffordable. The solution? Build smaller and smaller flats; build more rental flats; and glamorizes claustrophobic studio flats as `retirement kampungs’ and what not. If retirees could only afford to live in a flat not much bigger than the SPCA kennels, than the PAP government has failed to fulfill their promises some 40-50 years ago when these same retirees were spritely young men and women told to vote for the PAP for a better future. Their future? When stray dogs got a bigger living space them….
  5. Deluge of foreign talents (hahaha) that shows no signs of abating that has led to social problems, overcrowding, pressure on infrastructure, stagnating wages etc. So what’s the solution? None except to say that the government must be bold and remain steadfast in convincing the people that the foreign talent policy is the best. But what if the people don’t want the population to grow any further? What’s the alternative? None.
  6. The growing income gap when the poor are so poor that even the foreign workers are getting a better deal. At almost the same wages, compared to say the toilet aunties, foreign workers got free lodging, free water, free electricity, free wifi, free cooking gas, free gym, free pest control, and unbridled freedom in the dormitories that have become a hotbed of illegal activities. Want a place to store, buy and sell contrabands? Go to dormitories. Truth!
  7. This income gap is exacerbated by the perception that if you are rich enough, you belong to the almost untouchable class of the elites when even the law seems warped to your favour. And if you are an elite, you can almost be guaranteed to get a cushy job.
  8. And many more.


Do not underestimate the anger and sense of helplessness brewing amongst the populace and be deaf to the cacophony of complaints, lulled into a state of complacency and buoyed by a faux aura of invincibility. Your aura is slowly being chipped away by the problems besetting the country that you seem to be unable and unwilling to solve.

If Malaysians could get so fed-up that they were willing to smash the ideological and racial divide to vote for whom they used to hate, Singaporeans could too. If the Malays could vote for the DAP, if the Chinese could vote for PKR, if the PKR supporters could vote for the jailor of their leader just to see the back of BN, Singaporeans too could someday vote for this….




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