Singaporeans Throwing Tantrums When Mahathir Scraps HSR : Justified?


By: B Goode

When Mahathir scrapped the multi-billion dollar scam High Speed Rail (HSR) project, some of us went full retard.

Who can blame us? We are Singaporeans. We went full retard on an innocent BMW driver ffs.

Our emotions ranged from that of a jilted lover : “ Meh. We don’t fancy her anyway.”

To a petulant child throwing his toys out of the pram : “Mahathir is an asshole!”

To downright stoopid : “Singaporeans will not go to JB and KL to shop liao.”

To calm and collected : Me.

I am no fan of Mr Ten Percent. I am no fan of the shameless kleptocrat either. Less we forget, they are both cut from the same cloth. But just because a thief says something is good doesn’t mean it is bad and vice versa.

Fact of the matter is, inflated or not, Malaysia has a debt of RM1 trillion. If you were to write one trillion in numerical form, it would circumvent Rosmah’s waist three times over. It is that YUUUUGE!

So Mahathir decided to cancel the HSR project because simply put, Malaysia doesn’t have the money. Remember when PM Lee cancelled the second phase of gardens-by-the-bay? Same reason.

Considering the fact that Singapore – KL is already being served by an efficient, cheap and still with a lot of rooms to grow air link, the HSR project can be seen simply as an over-the-top glitzy project to line the pockets of Najib and his cronies and Rosmah’s Birkin bags with cold hard cash. And knowing Najib, it could even be a means to launder money. Of course we do not have the facts. But Mahathir now does and this is something that we forget.

Anyway at the end of the day, it is their government, it is their money, it is their politics, it is their life, it is their future. It is them. Only thing we can do is to grab some popcorn and watch as the drama unfolds.

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