Trump – Kim Summit : Cirque Du So Lame


By: B. Goode

So, $20 Million is the cost that we taxpayers will have to bear for the Trump-Kim summit. That’s equivalent to about 2 trillion rupiah. Dafug!

And for what?

If we were to believe the government’s official selling point, it was for world peace. Stop sniggering Kim….Kardashian!

Firstly, the world has never been more peaceful. Apart from small pockets of insurgency in Africa and the Middle-east, everyone else is too busy to make money to bother about killing each other.

Secondly, if it was really for world peace, why were we the only suckers in the world to subsidize this? What happened to the other countries in the world especially South Korea and Japan that would benefitted most from a de-nuclearized Pyongyang? Shouldn’t they at least offer to pay for Kim’s double kingsize bed?

Thirdly, if we want to talk about future peace, well let’s put it this way:

In one corner, we have Donald Trump whose policy flip-flops are more famous than Croc’s. Here is a guy who has threatened to tear every single treaties and MOUs ever signed by the US from the environmental pact to the Iran nuclear deal to NAFTA to all the trade deals with China, EU, Canada, Mexico and Timbuktu to the defence treaties with Japan, Korea and Taiwan to whatever else. You name it he will want to change it. But the next day, he will say the exact opposite. Who in the world would want to trust someone as bipolar as an algae-encrusted Innuka? I’d trust Miss Universe more.

Then we have Kim Jong Un in the other corner. How could someone who could not even afford to pay for his stay in Singapore be a threat to world peace? It beggars belief.

Oh ok so he has a nuclear device. But a nuclear device is useless without a way to deliver it to its target. Knowing the North Korean technology, the nuclear missile meant for Hawaii would end up In Pyongyang. And for a country to be a nuclear power, it would need more than one or two nuclear warheads. The manufacturing, maintaining and storing of a nuclear warhead is very much like that of an onion. After six months, the nuclear materiel in the warhead would be rendered useless because of its radioactive nature. Thank God for google.

Min Shanmugam mentioned about North Korea’s capability to send a nuclear missile directly to Singapore. Really? Why would Kim waste a missile on us? And would China allow an unstable regime to have the missile capability to travel all the way to Beijing and beyond? But please don’t blame Min Shanmugam for his ignorance. He is still my favourite Minister. But he is just a trained lawyer after all.

Another excuse for hosting THE glamorous event of the century was put forward by PM Lee. It would increase Singapore’s standing in the world. Yup that’s right. Singapore is a backwater country that no one has ever heard of…..

He also mentioned that we have never asked for it. Oh really? If he really wasn’t that hardup, why would he send Vivian Balakrishnan to Washington and Pyongyang to grovel and plead?

Let’s put it this way. Had the summit been held in Geneva, would the Swiss government be this bothered?

PM Lee also said that it showed the close relationship we had with Washington and Pyongyang. Look. If he wants to be cosy and buddy-buddy with the murderous leader of despotic regime, so be it. Don’t get all of us involved.

So all the reasons are merely lame excuses to hide the real motive and that is the government is like a starry-eyed teenager who cannot pass on the opportunity to meet the Beatles. It is all about the glamour.

If I were the government, if I was asked for the reason for hosting this event, I’d just shrug my shoulders and say:

Because WE CAN!

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