Najib Razak : Turning Of The Screw

najib razak

By: B. Goode

Any day now, the world’s biggest known kleptocrat, the man of steal himself, will be arrested.

If that happened, many people might be asking : What took them so long?

To know the answer is to know the one who is now gleefully turning the screw; Mahathir Mohamed.

Mahathir Mohamed did not become the longest serving Malaysian PM (22 years) by being simple-minded. And now to come out from retirement to lead a gang of disparate parties, whose leaders; Anwar Ibrahim, Mat Sabu and Lim Kit Siang were once incarcerated by him, and to do the near impossible by defeating Najib in the election is simply sensational. That was definitely not an achievement by a simpleton.

To put it bluntly, Mahathir Mohamed is a scheming bastard. The very reason why Singapore leaders had and are having a hard time with him. He could, if he wanted to, put all of them in his pocket except of course the late Lee Kuan Yew. But I digress…

When asked, Mahathir Mohamed said that Najib would be handled according to the rule of law. That’s Mahathir-speak for `I’m gonna fatten him up for the slaughter.’

So whilst Najib sang and danced like a dunce thinking that he was still the Teflon King of Malaysia, Mahathir sharpened the knife and cleaned the chopping block.

First to go was the Attorney-General. And then, in quick succession and almost simultaneously, out went the Chief Justice, Head of the Appeals Court, the Chief of the anti-corruption agency, the Central Bank Governor, the heads of the ROS and EC; practically every route that Najib could utilize to wriggle his way out was shut. And the civil servants were warned to be loyal to the government of the day.

Once all that was in place, slowly but surely, Mahathir began to turn the screw tight. One after another, the nature of Najib’s misdeeds was made known to the public. It was a typical Mahathir’s modus operandi; trial by media to sway public’s opinion against his target reminiscence of his fight against the Royals and against Anwar just to name two. And on both occasions, he came up tops and there was nothing to suggest that he would not win again.

This is not to say that Najib does not deserve every ounce of punishment coming his way. It is one thing to raid the country’s coffer, but if proven right, to also raid funds meant for the poor, orphans, pilgrims and to sell lands and infrastructure to foreign powers just to satisfy his extravagant lifestyle and to bribe his way to remain in power is simply pure evil. And to do so with the smugness and without remorse of a man who knows no bounds, is beyond every fiber of human decency.

The world is watching to see justice being served. And for justice to be served, if it is served, in the hands of the father of all schemers, Mahathir, will make it even sweeter. It is like the satisfaction of seeing a robber being robbed by another robber. Or a rapist getting his ass raped in his prison cell.

Najib the schemer getting schooled by the master schemer himself. There can never be a better ending than that surely.

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