99-Year Lease : Looking Past The Pedantry

chicken coop


By: B Goode

Aaaah Singaporeans. The champion complainers. We complain and complain and complain until we forget what we are complaining about.

We complain and complain and complain until we lose focus on the real issue, and then we complain some more.

Now it’s my turn to complain…

When you buy a packet of keropok with a due date clearly stamped on it, do you after the due date has passed, go back to the manufacturer and ask for a refund? Or do you more stupidly ask for a replacement? You don’t. Why? Because the manufacturer will just say `Fuck off’ to you.

Of course HDB flats are slightly more complicated than that because firstly you can’t eat your flat. Secondly you’ll have to return the flat to the government instead of just throwing it away. Thirdly, the government will not say `Fuck Off’ to you. Instead you will have Indranee Rajah to confuse you with pedantry.

So now we are in the realm of semantics. Are HDB flat dwellers owners, tenants or lessess? Seriously, who gives a fuck! Whether you are the owner, tenant, lessee or a prostitute plying your trade from a HDB flat, when your lease is up, out you go.

So the most important question that we should be bugging the government is; will there be enough new flats when the leases to the old ones start to expire? Will the new flats be affordable? More importantly, will the new flats be the size of chicken coops because you don’t need a big space to have sex?

Do not be side-tracked by pedantry. Most importantly, don’t hope that the government will change their minds about extending the leases. It will never happen and rightfully so.

Instead, focus on the more pressing matter of making sure that the government will take steps to ensure the availability of affordable and liveable flats for our future generations.

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1 Response to 99-Year Lease : Looking Past The Pedantry

  1. Ah Pok says:

    You’re calling out what’s actually really obvious but its still a good thing as everyone else seems to be dancing around it.

    This 99 year HDB lease issue is a perfect example of how the typical complaining, anti government, opposition loving, “me” “me” “me” Singaporean acts. They (or more likely their parents) bought a cheapish flat knowing full well its a lease hold of 99 years but when time is coming up you complain why must return?

    Want stay in it forever, want upgrades to increase value, want to gain from parents purchase 40 years ago, want capital appreciation, want to pass on to your 18 generations?

    Want to pay lower price but want good stuff?

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