377A : Being Anal About Anal Sex


By: B. Goode

If you are not a lawyer, Section 377A of the Penal Code (henceforth shall be referred to as 377A) is basically the government telling you what NOT to do with your own ass.

It is a remnant of an archaic law brought over from the prudish British time, right up to the present when anal sex is now being touted as a prevention for prostate cancer. And it is like a colonoscopy without the need to drink Seletar Reservoir dry prior to the procedure. Although you’d need to get drunk on bucket loads of beer. *according to a friend.

Truth be told, 377A is just a symbolic token of the society’s abhorrence to man-on-man anal action. AFAIK, no man has ever been charged under 377A for consensual anal sex. So in all honesty, 377A is just `there’ to tell everyone that the society is still a prude. But somehow its narrative has been turned into a law against homosexuals. That is, to do away with 377A is to give the affirmation that the government supports homosexuality. This is so wrong on so many levels.

Firstly, you don’t need to be a gay man to indulge in anal sex with another man. Just ask Anwar Ibrahim. And according to a survey, a quarter of all straight men had at least once penetrated the poop hole of another man. Does that make them gay? No!

Secondly, not all gay men indulge in anal sex.

Thirdly and most importantly, homosexuality is in the realm of the Gods. A secular government like Singapore’s shouldn’t be putting their fingers up someone’s ass. Which brings me to my point about 377A being an archaic law. It was promulgated by the British during the time when the lawmakers were either clergymen or needed the support of the clergy and when the society consisted of conservative God-fearing Christians. Society has since changed. So 377A must now be treated in this new light. That is, flushed into the toilet.

Another thing, all this while with the existence of 377A, did it stop the gays from indulging in consensual anal sex? I can’t imagine this conversation ever happening:

John : “Sorry dear. You can’t fuck my ass.”

Mike : “Why?”

John : “ Cos it’s illegal”

Mike : “Ok. Then blow me.”

John : “No. That’s illegal too.”

Mike : “Damn it. So what can we do?”

John : We can cuddle and kiss and rub our dicks together.”

It will never happen, Bob.

Now let us move to other issues that a lot of people have erroneously linked them to 377A. A lot of people have wrongly argued that with the abolishment of 377A, issues like pedophilia, public blowjobs, man-on-man anal rape and other gross misconducts that gays are prone to will be more rampant:

gross gay

But those things can already be dealt with existing laws so those arguments are mute.

And then there’s another argument that once 377A is repealed, it will open-up a can of worms of gays wanting to marry, adopt babies and be given all the benefits of a straight family which go against government policy. Well, we should cross the bridge when we get there.

In the meantime, let us be rational and revisit the history behind 377A and see whether the reasons for the promulgation of the law are still relevant today.

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