Netizens Rejoice As Heng Swee Kiat Beats Chan Chun Sing To The Finish Line

white horse

By: B. Goode

On Friday, Singaporeans all over the country stopped work and plugged their consciousness to the internet; eyes fixated to their smartphones scanning for the latest news. Some even walked aimlessly on the streets, seemingly lost for directions and hoping for their friends and acquaintances to lead the way…..

….for the best buys and best bargains for Black Friday.

There were a few however, for the lack of something better to do, had waited with bated breath for news coming out from the People’s Action Party (PAP) convocation convention for the proclamation of the new Crown Prince of Singapore politics.

And finally, in the early evening ( Seriously how long does it take for 12 people to make a decision?) when Heng Swee Kiat was anointed as the new Fresh Prince Of Bel Air ( Yes. They are that rich!), netizens erupted in unbridled joy upon learning that Chan Chun Sing had lost.


Meanwhile in the real world, Singaporeans were still looking for their twelfth pair of discounted shoes….

black friday


Heng Swee Kiat’s ascension wasn’t due to a stroke of good luck, although a real stroke three years ago threatened to dim his chances. People had questioned whether a stroke survivor could perform the function of a Minister let alone a Prime Minister. We are of course assuming that the job of a Prime Minister is tough. But that’s beside the point.

The point is, a stroke will mess up your body like a crash will mess up your car. Not matter how good you repaired the car, it just wouldn’t feel the same again even if you managed to replace the spoilt parts with new parts. Worse thing is, you can never replace a damaged brain.

But Heng Swee Kiat made a miraculous recovery because about three months after his stroke, he recovered well enough to continue his job as the Finance Minister albeit with four other Ministers to help him.

And he managed to regain his mental capacity to increase the water tax, to plan on increasing the GST and other bothersome policies like as if he had wanted Singaporeans to feel the pain that he had felt.

Of course his PAP comrades were extremely happy with this because despite his brush with death, Heng Swee Kiat didn’t change a bit.

Now back to Chan Chun Sing. Why is he so unpopular? To put it simply, you need to know and understand someone before you can begin to like him. I mean, can you honestly say that you like the Eskimoes despite never ever seen one in person let alone talk to him to understand him.

It is the same with Chan Chun Sing. Can you honestly say that you can understand what he is always blabbering about?

Can you?

chan cs


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